Saturday, December 10, 2016


An Angie Pallorino Novel, Book One

He surfaced two years ago. Then he disappeared ...

But Detective Angie Pallorino never forgot the violent rapist who left a distinctive calling card—crosses etched into the flesh of his victim’s foreheads.  

When a comatose Jane Doe is found in a local cemetery, sexually assaulted, mutilated, and nearly drowned, Angie is struck by the eerie similarities to her earlier unsolved rapes. Could he be back?
Then the body of a drowned young woman floats up in the Gorge, also bearing the marks of the serial rapist, and the hunt for a  predator becomes a hunt for a killer. Assigned to the joint investigative task force, Angie is more than ready to prove that she has what it takes to break into the all-male homicide division. But her private life collides with her professional ambitions when she’s introduced to her temporary partner, James Maddocks—a man she’d met the night before in an intense, anonymous encounter.

Together, Angie and Maddocks agree to put that night behind them. But as their search for the killer intensifies so does their mutual desire. And Angie’s forays into the mind of a monster shake lose some unsettling secrets about her own past . . . 

How can she fight for the truth when it turns out her whole life is a lie?


How can she fight for the truth when it turns out her whole life is a lie?a member of the sex crimes unit, Detective Angie Pallorino is intimately acquainted with the dark side of desire. Attempting to break into the elite homicide division, she confronts not only killers but her own issues with sex, control, trust, and intimacy. And when buried secrets in her past emerge, they threaten to derail both her professional ambitions and her developing relationship with a fellow detective. The Angie Pallorino series is a hard-hitting and gritty police procedural that will appeal to those who like their mysteries deep and their heroines edgy.

THE DROWNED GIRLS, Book One of the Angie Pallorino series, AN EXCERPT- > Click Here
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Monday, August 08, 2016

NEW COVER - THE DROWNED GIRLS (An Angie Pallorino Novel)

I cannot wait to bring this story to you!! It's the first of three Angie Pallorino novels, a darkly gritty, very sexy female-driven police procedural series with a romantic arc that develops over three books. Watch this space for more details to come!

Book one - THE DROWNED GIRLS - releases in late spring next year, but is already available for

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


IN THE BARREN GROUND has made Publishers Weekly's list of “Top 10” Fall 2016 Romance & Erotica titles calling it “an exhilarating contemporary thriller with a dusting of romance, a young constable in the Mounties fights for her place and hunts a brutal killer.” 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

"...exhilarating contemporary thriller"

Publishers Weekly has just given IN THE BARREN GROUND a great review, calling it an “exhilarating contemporary thriller with a dusting of romance” 

Publishers Weekly
In the Barren Ground
by Loreth Anne White

In this exhilarating contemporary thriller with a dusting of romance, a young constable in the Mounties fights for her place and soon finds herself hunting a brutal killer in a tiny town in Canada’s frozen Northwest Territories. Tana Larsson is 24 years old, five months pregnant, and still a rookie. Despite her precarious status, Tana nevertheless ends up policing the far northern Twin Rivers on her own. The already-difficult job becomes harder and scarier when two students are found dead in the wilderness, their bodies ravaged by predators. Tana sees connections to previous deaths in spite of locals warning her to step off, and with the help of pilot Crash O’Halloran, she works to put the pieces together. The frigid setting is richly drawn, and White pulls no punches in depicting the bleak environment and the related struggles of the local First Nations population. The story is light on romance and heavy on suspense, sometimes detouring into horror, but Tana is thoughtfully developed and engaging, and readers will root for her and her happiness from start to finish. (Aug.)

Wednesday, May 04, 2016


THE DROWNED GIRLS, THE GIRL IN THE PINK SHOE, and THE GIRL IN THE MOSS, part of the new Angie Pallorino series - a dark, gritty, atmospheric female-driven police procedural series with a romantic arc that develops over three books, launching spring 2017, from Montlake Romance.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Cara Gee to narrate IN THE BARREN GROUND

Delighted to learn that Cara Gee will be narrating the audio edition of this one, for obvious reasons! ‪#‎inthebarrenground‬

Friday, April 22, 2016


In the Barrens, a vast wilderness in northern Canada bordering the Arctic Circle, night consumes every hour of the winter. Humans are scarce; ferocious predators roam freely. Locals say spirits do, too.
Rookie cop Tana Larsson doesn’t mind the dark and quiet. Five months pregnant and hoping to escape the mistakes of her past, she takes a post in Twin Rivers, population 320. Maybe here she can find peace and community for her child.
But with her superior out of commission, Tana becomes the sole police officer in 17,500 square miles. One bitter night, she gets a call about the fatal wolf mauling of two students, and the only way to reach the remote scene is to enlist the help of the arrogant, irritatingly handsome Cameron “Crash” O’Halloran, a local bush pilot with a shady reputation for smuggling and a past cloaked in shadow.
When the macabre scene they uncover suggests violence much more sinister than animal, Tana must trust Crash if she wants to protect the town—and herself—from the evil that lurks in the frozen dark.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

IN THE WANING LIGHT named RITA finalist!

IN THE WANING LIGHT has been named a 2016 RITA®  finalist for Romantic Suspense! Winners will be announced at the Romance Writers of America's annual convention to be held this year July 13-16 in San Diego, California.